Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy obligations of Burgan Bank A.Ş. to protect the information customers provide when using the Burgan Bank website and performing online banking transactions are as follows:

Burgan Bank A.Ş provides the highest security and has taken all the necessary precautions to provide confidentiality in transactions performed on its website.

Burgan Bank A.Ş. will not share information obtained through the website or in online banking with any third party without the customer's permission or without being held liable

Burgan Bank A.Ş. is obliged to share information obtained through the website and in online banking if relevant institutions or institutions with the right to solicit information demand such information, without obtaining permission from the customer. If any government agency or regulatory body authorized by law requires disclosure of customer data and information, Burgan Bank A.Ş. will provide such information and documents in both originals and copies and will not be in any way responsible to the customer.

Our commitment to our privacy policy regarding our website and online banking is valid only for transactions performed and information provided by customers on our website at

To Whom and for What Purpose Personal Data Processed May Be Transferred

Your personal data are shared within the scope of the requirements specified in Article 8 and Article 9 of the Law exclusively with the parties and for the purposes set out below.
  • With public institutions and organizations and judicial authorities authorized to obtain information by law, for the purposes of reporting, conducting regulatory and audit activities, managing complaint and legal processes and so on legal reasons,
  • With risk centers or companies established by a minimum of five banks or financial institutions (Interbank Card Centre, Credit Bureau and FINDEKS etc.), for the purposes of conducting risk management and risk monitoring activities,
  • With support service/external service organizations and law offices, for the purposes of enabling them to provide support and consultancy services to Bank,
  • With domestic and international independent auditors and rating agencies and expert institutions for the purposes of carrying out audit and rating activities and in terms of loan restructuring process determination of financial situation and evaluation of effectivity of restructuring,
  • With organizations under which we operate as an agency, for the purposes of the establishment, management and termination of customer and service relationship,
  • With insurance companies for the purposes of performing insurance operations,
  • For credits having credit guarantee institution guarantee, with credit guarantee institution (such as Credit Guarantee Fund) for liquidation of the guarantee and to fulfill Bank’s obligations under guarantee,
  • With banks and financial institutions which we have correspondent relations regarding banking activities, in order to carry out the investigations to be carried out for the controls to prevent laundering of proceeds of crime and prevention of terrorist financing,
  • With organizations issuing international cards and organizations entering into card acceptor agreements, for the purposes of the execution of debit card and credit card operations and the operation of chargeback processes,
  • With Bank’s subsidiaries and shareholder reside in Turkey and/or abroad, for the purposes of credit evaluation, performing risk management and internal audit practices, preparation of consolidated financial statements,
  • With other credit institutions, for the purposes of carrying out internal audit, internal control, risk management, risk monitoring and loan utilization (syndicated loan) and restructuring activities,
  • With asset management companies, for the purpose of sales of the Bank’s receivables,
  • With prospective buyers, for the purposes of performing valuation studies for the sale of Bank shares.

Use Of Cookies

Cookies are information-containing small electronic files stored at any other part of your Internet browser or hard disc. Cookies may contain many different data, including some of your personal data (name, e-mail address, phone number, etc.),

Burgan Bank targets to make sure that you will have a more positive experience thanks to cookies when you use our web site and to measure your experience in this respect and to personalize your visit in line with your interest and needs. In this respect, various data from your past visit (for instance, your language choice, device definition) will be remembered during your next visit to help you make use of our web site more efficiently.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, said cookies are also used to offer individual services and products to you and to prevent forgery and fraudulence by creating a collective set of statistical data for the use of our web site provided that it shall be in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698. In case you do not want cookies to be stored, you have the right to change your preferences for cookie use from your settings section in your browser.

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