Remittance/EFT/FAST in ON

Remittance/EFT/FAST in ON

Remittance/EFT/FAST in ON

ON customers do not pay any fee or change for 7/24 money transfers by EFT/Remittance and FAST!

How can I make Remittance/EFT/FAST?

If you are already an ON Customer:

  • Log in ON, and
  • Click Remittance/EFT/FAST option in Money Transfer menu.
  • Thus, if you fill in the information needed for money transfer, you will have quickly completed the transfer.

If you are not yet an ON customer:

  • You may easily become an ON customer by clicking Download ON button, thus downloading ON, and by holding a video talk.
Download ON
You may make the following money transfers 7/24:
  • To accounts in ON (Remittance)
  • Up to TL 2,000 to accounts in other banks (FAST)

Money transfers in an amount of more than TL 2,000 to accounts in other banks (EFT) may be executed only until 16:30 hours.

FAST allows money transfers between demand deposit accounts of ON customers and accounts of any persons or entities in other banks safely and quickly for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You may make a money transfer to the Recipient’s Easy Address information (mobile phone number, email address, T.R. identity number, etc.), only if the Recipient has already matched his said information in Easy Address system with his account held with in any bank. Easy address may be added via “My Easy Addresses” menu by logging in ON Internet Branch or ON.

What can you expect in ON’s Rewarding World?

  • You may deposit your savings in ON Account, acting as demand deposit in daytime and time deposit at night, where you can win interest even if you have withdrawn or deposited money in daytime.
  • You will pay no fee or charge for 7/24 money transfers by EFT/Remittance and FAST.
  • With Easy Address Identification, you may use your mobile phone, email address , T.R. identity number or passport number information instead of IBAN.
  • You may easily make your payments by giving an Invoice Payment Instruction.
  • You may easily make your Gold and Foreign Exchange trading transactions at any time you wish.
  • By using ON application, you can safely enter Burgan Trade application for Stock and FOE transactions without re-entering a password.
  • You enjoy the advantages by tracking the continuously renewed current campaigns.