Rebate for Bill Payments

Rebate for Bill Payments

Rebate for Bill Payments

ON customers are winning refunds of up to TL 75 as they give automatic invoice payment instructions!

While you lean back and track your invoices being paid by your automatic invoice payment instructions, you will have the chance to win a refund of TL 15 per instruction and up to TL 75 in total in ON!

How can I give an Invoice Payment Instruction?

If you are already an ON Customer:

  • Log in ON, and
  • Click Give New Invoice Payment Instruction option in Payments menu.
  • Then, if you enter your invoice data and click Approval button, you will have given an instruction.

If you are not yet an ON customer:

  • You may easily become an ON customer by clicking Download ON button, thus downloading ON, and by holding a video talk.
Download ON

Campaign Details

  • Only ON natural person customers are eligible for this campaign.
  • In your Automatic Invoice Payment instructions given through your account, you win a refund of TL 15 to your account per instruction.
  • New instructions of ON customers will be covered by this campaign.
  • Invoice payment control is done during the month following the ending date of campaign.
  • Prize money is transferred to TL demand deposit account in the first business day after the end of payment control.
  • Number of instructions within the scope of campaign is limited by 5 invoices.
  • Instructions which are predefined and then cancelled and re-given are not included in the scope of this campaign.
  • For each new payment instruction, the instruction is expected to be valid for 6 months after the date it is given, or otherwise, the prize may be requested to be returned.

What are included in the Rewarding World of ON?

  • You are eligible for at all times advantageous interest rates via demand deposit ON Account in daytime and time deposit ON Account at nights.
  • You do not ever pay any EFT, Remittance and FAST fees.
  • You may execute all your banking transactions via continuously developed ON or ON Internet Branch.
  • You are eligible for the opportunity of rebate in your Internet purchases by your ON bank card.
  • You win at each invoice payment and each Automatic Invoice Payment Instruction.
  • You are eligible for the opportunity of rebate as you purchase Game Pins and you make your payments for music, video and application platforms.
  • You may display all of your campaign awards via ON or ON Internet Branch.
  • Instead of Burgan Bank ATM’s, you may use İş Bank Bankamatics and TEB ATMs free of charge.
  • Whenever you wish, you may get 7/24 support from our Customer Communication Centre.