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Campaign Details

  • If and when the total sum of expenditures per month done by you by using your debit card reaches 1.000 TL, you will be eligible for a 5% cashback over your internet purchases done by you during that month.
  • All transactions via physical or virtual POS devices are included in, but cash withdrawals are excluded.
  • Only internet purchases are included in the calculation of rebate.
  • Maximum monthly cashback you can earn is 50 TL per customer.
  • The earned cashback is rewarded to the debit card in the 21st day of the next month.
  • In order to be eligible for the campaign, you do not need to give any instruction. If you meet the conditions, you automatically become eligible for the cashback.
  • This campaign is valid only for ON customers’ debit cards.
  • Goals and cashback are calculated by considering the cancellations / returns.
  • The Bank reserves its right to change the terms and conditions of the campaign and/or to stop the campaign.

What are included in the Rewarding World of ON?

  • You are eligible for at all times advantageous interest rates via demand deposit ON Account in daytime and time deposit ON Account at nights.
  • You do not ever pay any EFT, Remittance and FAST fees.
  • You may execute all your banking transactions via continuously developed ON or ON Internet Branch.
  • You are eligible for the opportunity of rebate in your Internet purchases by your ON bank card.
  • You win at each invoice payment and each Automatic Invoice Payment Instruction.
  • You are eligible for the opportunity of rebate as you purchase Game Pins and you make your payments for music, video and application platforms.
  • You may display all of your campaign awards via ON or ON Internet Branch.
  • Instead of Burgan Bank ATM’s, you may use İş Bank Bankamatics and TEB ATMs free of charge.
  • Whenever you wish, you may get 7/24 support from our Customer Communication Centre.